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Spirit Committee Message Sept 2014

Dear Parents,

     We hope that you enjoyed your second to last parent weekend with your cadets. It is so different to see our cadets as upperclassmen leading the rest of the squad. It was equally different to see the new squadrons with new friends and families.

     The Commitment dinner was a great success. For those of you who haven’t seen the speech, it was very moving. You can view it on YouTube here.

      We are still selling magnets and stickers with the likeness of the commitment coin for yourself or your cadet here.  A portion of each purchase will go to our spirit mission fund.

     Thank you for all who have donated to our cause and keep it coming! Checks can be sent to PO Box 64379 Colorado Springs, CO 80962 or you can donate via PayPal on this website (link on the right hand side).

     Just a friendly reminder to keep using our Amazon offer, please click here when shopping on Amazon. By ordering through this link, 6% of every purchase will go to the Class of 2016 Spirit Mission fund. Feel free to share this with family and friends. Remember, there is NO DIFFERENCE IN PRICE.

     Please pass this on to family and friends.  Anyone can order via this link and the proceeds will go to our spirit mission to support our cadets.

     We are also sending this link to our cadets.  I know many of them go online to buy their books, please encourage them to use this link this week as they prepare for classes.

     Our next milestone is the Ring Dance.  We know the cadets are excited about this night and we would like to help make it special for them.  We need to continue the donations (and the Amazon offer really helps!) so we can have a wonderfully special night for them all.

     Also, please pass this email on to all 2016 parents that you know.  I met MANY at parent weekend who had not heard of the spirit mission and the things we are doing to support the cadets.

Thank you,

Your Class of 2016 Spirit Mission Committee


COMMITMENT – August 12, 2014

At the Commitment Dinner, the C2C 2016 cadets were each presented with a folder containing a coin commemorating this significant occasion, along with a congratulatory message from the Spirit Mission.  Great job, cadets!

These coins are not available for sale, as they are a keepsake challlenge coin for these cadets that have earned them.  However, magnets or stickers with the likeness are available to order here.

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========================== COMMITMENT COIN

 The 2016 Spirit Committee has been busy preparing for our class’ next milestone this fall:  Commitment.  See the upcoming coin design!




     With the support of thet 2016 Spirit Mission, 2016 cadets have put together a Four Degree Success Guide for the 2017 class.  Their Mission Statement and Guide can be found here.  Well done 2016!





Excerpt from 10/4/13 AOG Class Club Newsletter:

1966 Grads: Exemplar Date Confirmed –
November 7th
As the Legacy Class for the Class of 2016, you are invited to return to the Academy, sit with your old squadron in Mitchell Hall, and watch as the members of the Class of 2016 celebrate their milestones. The next major milestone for 2016 is the Exemplar Dinner. Each cadet class chooses an Exemplar to honor and identify with a past military giant, alive or dead. The program is designed to link our nation’s rich heritage with our boundless future. The date for the Class of 2016’s Exemplar Dinner is November 7th. Please be on the lookout for information and an opportunity to register for this important Legacy Class event.


patchThey’ve arrived, and the cadets will have them sewn on by the tailor shop beginning September 9th.

The date of the Exemplar Dinner is not finalized, but is typically held in late October/early November.